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My view of the two different self-sufficient kinds

On my blog page, you can find a drop-down menu, the traditional self-sufficient lifestyle is the first choice and the modern self-sufficient lifestyle is the second option.

The traditional self-sufficient lifestyle 

Is one where people live not needing money, as they can supply all they need to survive. This is very difficult to attain if you do it on your own. However, it can be achievable and quite enjoyable if done in a community. Where everyone does a job for the group in exchange for something else needed.

Can we still be self-sufficient?
We are the only animals on the planet that pay for food.
Can we still be self-sufficient?
One doesn't have to know how to do everything, that is why we live in society. A long time ago, humans used to exchange services or product to "buy" what they needed. People were appreciated for what they could offer. Then money was introduced and things started to change. You started to pay for what you needed. And now we got to the era where we are judged by the money and the material possessions we have, and not for what we can offer.
Did you ever realise that Humans are the only animal that pays for food? (and we are supposed, to be the clever ones!). Why did we get to this point? Anywhere in nature, animals feed themselves for free. Yes, they do little more other than that, but why do we have to? Can we live in a world without money? I'm not sure about that, but I wish we could. No, I don't intend to change the world to that extent. But I believe that we all can do a bit more to change that. On this page, I will be sharing with you little thing that everyone can do to become more self-sufficient.

The modern self-sufficient lifestyle

You are not a tree, so move on...
You are not a tree, so move on...
In our era, we need money, we just can't deny it. But, can we find a way of generating it without being stuck with a 9 to 5 job and have the freedom to do everything we dream of?
On this page, I will be giving you some facts and ideas for you to get closer to be self-sufficient. In our life, we have two choices. We work a 9 to 5 job or we find a way to make a living without having a boss telling us what to do. Whatever is your choice and as long as it makes you happy, it is the correct for you. If it doesn't make you happy... well... subscribe to my blog below and start to make changes that can move you towards your goal. You are not a tree, so move on…

This blog is a journey. A journey where I learn and share with you, so we can begin to live our dreams of self-sufficiency.

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