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Wednesday, 13 March 2019

How to add Google Analytics to wordpress website

Add Google Analytics to WordPress website

Why add Google Analytics to your WP website? Well, Google Analytics is the most well known, popular and a free way to measure the impact your website has across the world. It is a great platform that provides very detailed reports about the performance of your website.

The setup is very easy, follow the instructions below and you will be all set up in no time at all.

You will need:

To install Google Analytics to your Wordpress website,
If you follow this process you will install Google Analytics in a way that stays flexible, strong, that matches the best methods and stays adaptable for future changes. If you install Google Analytics directly to your Wordpress site, with time, as you update your site, your tracking codes will become outdated or even when you change to a new theme the tracking codes will probably be deleted. To avoid all that just follow the steps below.

Before you start, please make sure that:
  • You have a valid domain name.
  • You have a live Wordpress website.
  • You have a Google Analytics account open.
You will also need,

  • Find the Google Analytics tracking number.
  • Create a Google Tag Manager account.
  • Set up your first tag.
  • Install a Tag Manager Plugin.
  • Validate.
So let's do this...

1 - Find the Google Analytics tracking code

Go to Admin, then to Property Settings and copy the code.

Copy your page's code to notepad or into a sticky note on your computer.

2 - Create a Google Tag Manager Account

Signing up is free, so create a new account with Google Tag Manager account if you don't have one yet. After login, add a new Google Tag Manager account.

Select the name of your account, choose your domain name and then a container. Agree to terms and conditions.

A window will pop up with a snippet of the code to pass to your website. Just copy the ID Code for your account.

3 - Set up your first tag

To setup, a new tag, click on the new tag.

Give a name to your new tag, click on the grey icon to start adding the tag

Select Universal Analytics

Give this tag an obvious name. From Google Analytics Settings, click Select Settings Variable and select New Variable 

Copy your Google Analytics ID into the Tracking ID area and save. (You got this code earlier, it begins with UA)

Click on choose a trigger to make this tag fire

Click on all pages 

Save and click on submit  

Wright some reference notes and click on Publish and your tag is created on Tag Manager 

4 - Instal Tag Manager plugin

Now all you have to do is to install the Tag Manager plugin on your Wordpress Website

From the dashboard, click on Plugins and click Add New Plugin 

type Google Tag Manager in the keyword area, and find the plugin from either DuracellTomi or George Stephanis I prefer DuracellTomi's but it is your choice.

From Settings select Google Tag Manager 

Paste the Google Tag Manager ID code that you got earlier, it starts with GMT.

Please make sure you tick the boxes from Basic Data. Go to the bottom of the page and click Save.

5 - Validate

To ensure all is working as it should go to Google Analytics and go to Real-time section and select Overview.

Hey, you just did, you just added Google Analytics to your WordPress website. To make sure everything is working as it should, from another device open your website, go back to Google Analytics on your original device. You should see at least one new active user in the real-time overview, this indicates that all is working correctly. You have done it.

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