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Sunday, 17 February 2019

How to make a birdhouse || free printable plan

How to make an easy birdhouse from recycled materials

With the school holidays closing in, parents are always looking out for ways to entertain children. Little projects are a good way of doing just that and if it can bring wildlife into your garden even better. Children like to see wildlife up close and bird nests are always getting attention especially if there is a chick or two inside. So why not build your own birdhouse with materials that you have around? It is really easy and you can have it hanging in no time at all. I made a very easy to follow, free printable bird house plan. To view it or download the file click here.

Benefits of attracting birds into your garden

Birds in your garden are part of the local ecosystem and can be very beneficial to your garden. You can help and attract them by supplying fresh and clean water, having the correct food for the birds you want to attract and by having suitable places for them to nest and procreate. in doing this you will in return benefit from...

Free printable bird house plan
  • Pest control - Many birds eat insects like mosquitos, aphids, spiders and many others. Some will feed on caterpillars that I'm sure are not very welcome in your garden! If you have a good enough variety of birds around your garden you can avoid those nasty chemical insecticides.
  • Weed control - Finches, Sparrows etc, will feed on weed and their seeds. This will in an organic way control the weed in your garden.
  • Fun and education - Having wild birds in your garden, gives you an opportunity to be involved in your local wildlife. Children love to watch birds, and if you have chics growing in your garden, will be a very exciting time and experience for them.
  • Relaxation - Listening to birds, observing them and if possible interact with these creatures can be good for stress relief.

What else can you do to attract birds to your garden

  • Feeders and food - Having feeders it is the best way to attract birds into your garden. Make sure you have a variety of food to attract different species. Most of my shopping is done online if you are like me without much time to go to the shops, see the links for some ideas, some places even offer same day or next day delivery. So if you need bird food or suet cake blocks for your garden or if you want to get a bird feeder or table.
  • Water - You should have a fresh water supply, especially in summer. A bird bath is an ideal solution, but please ensure it is cleaned regularly as birds can get diseases from other birds.
  • Friendly plants - The best plants that you can have in your bird-friendly garden are hedges and trees. These plants will provide shelter and natural food sources. Bushes and shrubs are ideal if you have a smaller garden, they will provide fruit and berries for birds to feed on. Sunflowers are very good as they will provide essential seeds for their diet, the grass is excellent as it can work as a feeding area for many species of birds that feed on worms, insects etc.
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