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Tuesday, 26 February 2019

4 Super drinks that you must know about / can change your life

4 Super drinks that you must know about/can change your life 

When I was a kid, we only had tap water in ht e house and when we went somewhere, we could ask for a cup of water at the local cafe, that basically was tape water. If we were playing outside with our friends we could drink from a fountain that was always available near the play areas. We didn't have these amazing, healthy "Super Drinks".

I think I don't need to explain what water is (h2o) is!

But we all underestimate how important water is for us (the human species).
Some quick facts about water, that I'm sure you know... or not!

1 - We are like a walking  bottle of water
     That is right, our bodies are about 70% made out of water. So when you see someone that you fancy, you can say "hey... nice bottle!".

Take a look at this:
  • The cells in our body are 90% water
  • The bones in our bodies are 25% water
  • Our brain is 80% water
  • Our muscles are 80% water
2 - Drinking water can make you look beautiful on the inside and on the outside!
     We all know that drinking water is important, but do you know why?
  • Drinking water throughout the day can reduce the work that your kidneys and liver do, getting all the toxins out of your body.
  • Keeps your glands working and producing all of those moist secretions that keep your eyes, nose, mouth and other body parts moist and healthy 
  • Helps to keep your joints healthy
  • Helps on your beauty, yes, it keeps your skin moistened and soft, making feel and looking marvellous. 
On the video below, you can watch Jamie Oliver explain the importance of drinking water, in the way that only he can do, enjoy...

The 3 Super Drinks that are the world new craze

Birch Water

As well know as Sap Water, it is extracted from the birch trees. In spring during three weeks these trees release sap. It is slightly sweet and has a silky texture. Experts claim this water has health benefits, helps to cure arthritis and bronchitis, helps to eradicate cellulite and has antioxidant properties. It has less sugar than other fruit waters (70% less than coconut water). It is good for the immune system, to rehydrate and much more. All of this is yet to be proven true. You can get it at supermarkets, dedicated shops, and on the internet.  

Maple Water

No, this is not maple syrup mixed with water! Maple water is the sap of the maple trees. For a short time in spring, Maple trees provide this amazing water. Collected from the soil and filtered through the roots, making the way up the tree, collecting the nutrients. Maple water is very rich in magnesium and potassium and can be very beneficial for you. Magnesium is a mineral that is very important for your bone and nerve health, potassium is a mineral that is essential for the health of your muscles. You can buy this marvellous water at dedicated shops and on the internet.

Cactus Water

This water is made from Nopal known as "prickly pear" cactus fruit, magnificent fruit if you never tried it, you should attempt to try it. Now back to the cactus water, tastes quite fruity, it is packed with minerals and antioxidants. It is great after a workout as this drink helps with muscle fatigue and on the recovery of muscle damage. You can try it here

Disclaimer - Please note that there is no proof about the properties of these products, all the above are claims that experts in these areas do.

Thank you for reading my post. Tchau.

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